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So many uses for a Konig
Konig Safes

Sleek &

"Sometimes I open my Konig even if I don't need anything inside; It's just really cool."

3 ways

to access your KONIG

Reliable, quick, convenient

Hydraulic auto open

With two robust hydraulics the Konig lid opens automatically to give you quick access to what's inside. It also makes you feel a little like James Bond.

Heavy Duty

Die-Cast Aluminum

Konig is made from an industrial strength die-case alumunum which offers extreme protection for what matters most to you.


Charge 2 other devices

When your Konig is plugged in, you can charge 2 other USB devices.

See in the DArk

Internal LED Light

No need to worry about seeing what you're keeping safe. If it's dark, the internal LED light in the lid of your Konig will illuminate it's contents perfectly.


Audible Alarm

Arm your Konig so that if it gets tampered with an alarm will go off.

Konig Safes
1.0 & Junior
Our Promise

At Konig we create best in class secured storage solutions for your valuables while maintaining a sleek design.

Coming Soon
The Konig App

The Konig Safes you buy today will be compatible with our app that launches this year. You'll be able to get alerts on your phone if someone tampers with your box, or if your battery needs to be charged.

What will you keep in your Konig?