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So many uses for a Konig
Konig Safes

Sleek &

3 ways

to access your KONIG

Quick, Reliable, Convenient

Hydraulic auto open

Gain quick access with robust hydraulics that automatically lift the lid within 2 seconds.

Heavy Duty

Die-Cast Aluminum

Made from an industrial strength die-case aluminum, we built our safes to provide extreme protection for what matters most to you.

2 USB Output PORTS


While charging the Konig Home, you can also power 2 additional devices.

See in the DArk

Internal LED Light

No need to worry about being left in the dark. The safe’s interior will illuminate for 10 seconds after unlatching.

Customizable and Loud.

Audible Alarm

Arm your safe after closing the lid to prevent tampering and break-ins.

The best method for keeping firearms and other valuables from little sticky fingers.

Konig Safe
Home and Go

(formerly 1.0 and Junior)

Our Promise

With your family in mind, we built a best-in-class secure storage for your firearms and other valuables while maintaining a sleek, Bond-like design.

Aside from firearms, our customers use their safes for the following items