Konig Safes

Sleek &

"Sometimes I open my Konig even if I don't need anything inside; It's just really cool."

3 ways

to access your KONIG
For His

If James Bond had a box to store his watches in, it would be the Konig Safe 1.0. Enabled with fingerprint access and robust hydrolic auto-opening.

Also Perfect for


Keep her jewelry safe from reaching hands.


Have peace of mind that only you have access to your prescriptions.


Have full control of screen-time in your home.


Know right where your passport is next time you need it.


Reliable security and immediate access incase you need it

Our Promise

At Konig we create best in class secured storage solutions for your valuables while maintaining a sleek design.

Coming this Summer
The Konig App

The Konig Safes you buy today will be compatible with our app that launches this Summer. You'll be able to get alerts on your phone if someone tampers with your box, or if your battery needs to be charged.

Konig Safes
1.0 & JR

Rings, Fobs, Cards, Stickers

RFID Access

Simply swipe one of our RFID accessories over the top of the box to quickly get access.