5 Preventative Measures to Minimize Loss During a Robbery

5 Preventative Measures to Minimize Loss During a Robbery

No one plans to be robbed, nor is it healthy to become overly paranoid. When someone does break into your home, though, you’ll wish there was something you could have done to minimize your loss! Luckily, there are simple measures you can take to make life harder for a potential thief and retain more of your most precious possessions.

  • Avoid Common Hiding Places

According to a survey conducted by Fox 5, virtually all burglars scout out bedside drawers and focus a majority of their search in the bedroom. Robbers usually set specific time parameters for stealing, so if you get creative with where you hide your valuables, they will likely run out of time before loading up on your most precious loot!

  • Buy a Biometric Gun Safe

Investing in a safe is an obvious way to keep your belongings safe— However, not all safes are created equal. If a burglar is able to pick your door’s lock, he is likely savvy at breaking into unsophisticated safes too. A mountable biometric gun safe made of virtually impenetrable material makes it impossible for them to break in before their time runs out!

  • Keep Your Spare Keys Out of Sight

It can be easy to overlook missing items that are small or seldom used in the aftermath of a home break-in. All the while, a burglar could have your spare car keys in his possession, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again! Although it is common to leave spare keys hanging up on the wall, you’re better off tucking them away someplace safe in case of a robbery. 

  • Engrave Your Electronics

The simple act of engraving your name and phone number into expensive electronics can deter experienced thieves— It is a whole lot harder to sell these items! Even if they still decide to nab one, you will have an easier time tracking it down. Your local pawn shops and police department can keep an eye out for your engraving, and they might even thank you for the clues it offers in finding the thief.

  • Install Alarms & Use Apps

In addition to their obvious benefits, alarm systems are just plain scary for robbers! When you monitor your safes and alarm systems with apps, you will be alerted even faster when someone breaks into your home. If they are equipped with video features, you can then proudly watch them get skittish and run away. If they happen to be brave, at least the cops will be called as soon as possible.

You can’t always prevent a home break-in, but you can take preemptive measures to minimize its damage. Buy a fingerprint or RFID scanning safe, employ alarms and monitoring apps, hide your valuables and spare keys in creative places, and mark your electronics today… You’ll thank yourself tomorrow! Although almost no one anticipates being robbed, everyone should prepare for the possibility.