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The Hydraulic Open feature of the Gunbox 2.0 safe has really been a showstopper & WOW factor unlike any other!

Some people have questioned why their Gunbox doesn’t seem to open as fast as others in our videos. (FYI: Our videos are in real-time and not sped up.) The difference lies behind the gas shocks: the estimated force is between 35-45N which may cause a slight variation in how fast each Gunbox opens. Nothing alarming, and it’s only a noticeable difference if compared side by side as shown in the furthest Gunbox from camera in this video.
Overtime with/without much use, the shocks will also vary. If the Gunbox is left unopened for an extended amount of time, it’s possible you’ll find it to be slower on its first open. Those gas shocks are simply waking up from a long nap and if you attempt to open the Gunbox immediately for a second or third try, it performs at its fastest level again.