Let’s make this very clear... We’ve received numerous comments about the Gunbox being too easy for someone to pick up and walk away with your gun inside. Though we do have ways to help eliminate this from happening: pre-drilled mounting holes and/or security tether cable for fixing your Gunbox to a heavier object in your home, office or vehicle... the real question arises. What is more important: your FAMILY or your FIREARMS?

The Gunbox is your go-to safe for everyday use and emergency situations. Sure, a heavy duty safe has its place; storing multiple firearms and ammo, fire-rated, and weighs a ton. But when a threat presents itself and you have only seconds to act, whether you are at home or at the office, the Gunbox gives you quick access while securing your firearm from misuse. Utilizing the Gunbox as a traditional basement/closet safe is pointless. It’s purpose is to be close by and even go with you from room to room if you wish. If you leave your gun and you’re not home, who really cares if a thief can walk away with it! You and your family were not hurt and stolen items can be replaced. However, if you are home with your family in a threat situation (and not carrying on your person), the Gunbox is absolutely the best way to get your gun in hand so that you can use your training to take away the threat and protect your family.