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How to Safely and Securely Store Guns

Storing a gun properly means keeping it in good condition, securing it out of unauthorized hands, and making it easy to access should a situation necessitate a quick draw! Education is the first step in safely and securely storing your firearms, so read up to reap the best benefits from your safe:

First and Foremost: Follow Firearm Safety

Following the NSSF’s 10 Rules of Firearm Safety should be your utmost priority when handling and storing any type of gun. This includes unloading it whenever it’s not in use and consistently keeping its muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

To Be Safe: Leave Space in Your Safe

Overcrowded safes can cause your firearms to suffer from nicks and scratches. Give each gun adequate space in the safe by lowering the quantity stored at any given time, and you will sustain their quality for a sleeker look and longer lifespan.

Fend Your Firearms: Clean and Fingerprint-Free

Always store your guns dry, first cleaning them inside and out—including their bores. Salts from your body in the form of fingerprints allow rust to enter the surfaces of your gun. Ammonia can be used to wipe these away. After a thorough cleaning, treat wood stocks with wax and lightly lubricate all metal surfaces. 

Halt the Harm: Harness Humidity Control

Moisture can be damaging for guns, ammo, and accessories. To prevent this, the humidity inside a gun safe should stay at 50 percent or lower. Although a quality safe should help keep moisture away on its own, it is a good idea to monitor it with a dehumidifier or hygrometer. It is especially important to do so in more humid climates.

Command Your Carries: Catalogue Them & Copy the Combo

For additional security, it is important to periodically take inventory of your firearms and ammunition. It is smart to write down all serial numbers and descriptions, as well as take photos, and store them in another safe location like a safety deposit box. 

To make sure you can always access your safe, always take several copies of your combination and store them securely. Another option is to opt for a safe that additionally utilizes biometrics or RFID, so you can access your guns quickly. These also typically offer added security features!

Give your guns what they need, and they will give you the safety and security you deserve! Choosing the right safe and utilizing it properly will lengthen their lifespan and protect yours! Safe gun storage practices are essential when it comes to providing security for you and your family!