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Precautions to Reduce the Chances of a Gun Accident

Homeowners who own firearms are advised to take precautions to reduce the chances of a gun accident occurring in their households, particularly if children and teenagers are present. We all know that gun-related accidents are devastating. Tragically, these accidents happen all too often in the United States. There are more deaths from firearms mishaps than from traffic fatalities in this country. Most involve unsecured guns that young children have easy access to. When you store your gun, you have to consider its protection; after all, it's a deadly weapon capable of inflicting serious bodily harm on its owner and others around them. Here are several precautionary measures you should always take when storing deadly weapons.

Assume Every Gun Can Be Found

It is estimated that over 45,000 people die from gun accidents every year in the United States. This statistic includes unintentional shootings, homicides, and suicides. Most of these deaths occur when a child or teenager gets their hands on a loaded gun. A survey from 2018 showed that more than half of gun owners in the U.S. did not know how to safely store their weapons. 

  • Your family member, friend, or child may know where a weapon is stored within a home, even if you’ve never discussed where it’s been stored.

Of course, we’ll discuss how to safely keep weapons inside your home, but we also want to touch on the fact that it’s highly important to always assume that every gun can be found and used. Just because a family member or friend hasn’t been trained to properly use a weapon doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be able to still use the said weapon. Until you can properly store deadly weapons away from those who might use them for harm, be sure to temporarily remove them from your home.

Store Every Firearm Unloaded and Locked

Keep all firearms unloaded and locked at all times unless being used; this includes semi-automatic weapons such as handguns and shotguns. If you own any kind of firearm that can be fired without cocking the hammer (for example, revolvers), make sure it is stored in a safe location.

Store and Lock Ammunition Separately

Never leave a loaded clip or box of ammunition within or near your firearms. To lower the risk of an accident happening, be sure to store any ammunition separate from your guns. This could be in another safe next to your firearms or in another space within your home altogether.

Ensure Keys and Combinations are Inaccessible

Although the KONIG team prides itself in creating simple to-access safes for the owner, it’s important to ensure your safe isn’t easily accessible to anyone but you. If you use an RFID-based device to open your safe, be sure to keep your key or pin in an inaccessible place. This is highly important when considering those in crisis that may try to access your firearm, as well as for preventing potential theft.

Communicate with Family Members

  • Be sure to communicate that there is a weapon in the house with all family members.
  • Remember to practice with safety. Even an unloaded and locked gun should be treated like one that is ready to fire.
  • If you’re worried about anyone having access to an RFID tag that can open the KONIG Safe, utilize a thumbprint.

Consider gun safety training courses for all household members of an appropriate age. We never want to assume the worst can happen, but we should always be prepared for it. Research shows that gun owners who reported taking safety training courses were twice as likely to use safer storing practices and have fewer shooting accidents.

Using Your KONIG Safe

Bringing a deadly weapon into your home is no small matter. Unsecured guns can lead to unintentional shootings. Whether you have a gun in your home for self-defense or hobby shooting, it’s ultimately your responsibility to keep your loved ones and community safe. One in three children lives in a home with a deadly weapon; safe gun storage practices save lives.  If you need help finding the right KONIG Safe for your weapon, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll help you find a safe storage option that will fit your needs and keep those around you secure.