König Safes
Secure, Versatile Storage

The German word for “king,” König also represents protecting what matters most. Whether it’s a firearm, family heirlooms, or prescription medication, a König box is designed to hide it in plain sight to keep your loved ones safer.

König’s Origin Story

Like every great king, König has a great origin story. Engineer Ryan Hyde wanted a way to protect kids from firearms in the home. The solution not only had to be effective but innovative and sleek as well. How would Hyde’s safe stand out in a market saturated with products? As the inventor of the Ring doorbell, Hyde is no stranger to creating practical, effective products that combine easy-to-use technology and mechanics to get the job done.

What Makes König Stand Out

Hyde debuted his solution as the GunBox, a hydraulic-powered safe with quick access to its contents. Unlike other pistol safes, the GunBox featured keypad, fingerprint, and RFID access. Although GunBox has since rebranded to König to highlight its versatility as more than solely a gun safe, these accessibility options are still available on all König boxes today.

To provide efficient and safe storage, König boxes also have convenient USB charging ports, and will eventually be connected to an app that sends alerts regarding battery life. The König app will also alert you if anyone tampers with the safe.

At König, we promise to create secure storage solutions for your valuables while maintaining a sleek design.