As you consider becoming a dealer, we want you to be aware of the different options customers will have to purchase our line of products. This will help you best determine which option is most applicable to your situation and help you decide what type of dealer you want to become. We believe that there is an option to support any qualified dealer selling our line of products.

  • Consumer Direct: Our website will be the only method we offer direct sales to the public.
  • Stocking Dealer: A qualified dealer that sells our products but also carries inventory and orders on a quarterly basis.
  • Non-Stocking Dealer: A qualified dealer that sells our products but does not carry inventory.
  • Affiliate: Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Magazines and other media that pushes sales to our website for a sales commission.

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Please Fax or E-mail completed application to Fax: 801-331-8936. Once received, we will evaluate your company and see if you are a good fit as a dealer or an affiliate.