FREE Gunbox v1 Update

At The GunBox, our first priority is safety. Everything we do is to continuously improve on our commitment to that priority.

We are grateful for our customers, but especially our early supporters who purchased a version 1 of The GunBox. While performing product testing, we discovered a performance issue that may result in the inadvertent and unwanted opening of The GunBox if the unit is dropped. This is a safety concern, so we want to update your GunBox with an additional safety locking mechanism free of charge. The alarm system and motion system is not affected by this issue.

We want to make sure that you, the early GunBox supporter, have the updated version of your GunBox at no cost, including free shipping. We will also provide an extra label and wristband at no cost for helping us to improve your product to the latest model.

If your ship date for the GunBox was prior to 2/21/2014, you should have already received instructions for a free upgrade. If you have not received your instructions then please visit this link, which will instruct you how to return your GunBox.

Feel free to call us Toll-Free at 1-866-764-0009

Remember to "Defend Responsibly!"

Kind Regards,

TheGunBox Team