Konig Safes is an innovative and trusted leader in the home security industry, providing customers with optimal protection and peace of mind. Through their unique designs, they offer powerful solutions that are easy to install and use. Their safes are constructed from the finest materials, ensuring quality and durability for years to come.

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The testimonials from customers and industry professionals alike speak for themselves. Here is a snapshot of some of the Konig Safes reviews that have been featured in the press:

Weik Fitness: Konig Review

Weik Fitness:

What’s So Great About the Konig Safe 1.0?

  • The look and design of the Konig Safe 1.0
  • Multiple ways to access the Konig Safe 1.0
  • It comes with a power adapter
  • Hydraulic arms
  • Interior LED light

Source: https://www.weikfitness.com/konig-safe-1-0-review

A man and his gear: Konig Review

A Man and His Gear:

Konig 1.0 In-Person Review: Is it the best smart safe?

What do I like about it?

  • Styling
  • Points of access
  • Build quality

Source: https://amanandhisgear.com/konig-1-0-review