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Konig Home

Konig Home

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Fingerprint + Keypad + RFID Unlock

The Konig Home protects what matters most. Engineered with an Audible Motion Alarm that will sound if moved or tampered with, it provides total peace of mind when storing your firearm, medicine, valuables or anything else. 
Fearful of theft or misuse? The Home has pre-drilled mounting divots and a security tether connection port for securing to a heavier or fixed object, if desired. Not to mention, it's also the best-looking storage option on the market.

What's Included

1 KONIG Home
2 RFID Keycards
2 RFID Fobs
1 Stop Block
1 5mm Barrel-Ended Charger
1 Hex Wrench


  • Exterior Dimensions: 11.6” L x 10” W x 2.7” H
  • Interior Dimensions: 8.9” L x 6.5” W x 1.5” H

Key Features

  • RFID, Keypad, and Fingerprint Access
  • Audible Motion Alarm
  • Mounting Divots
  • Tether Cable Connection
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Interior LED Light
  • Hydraulic Arms
  • TSA/FAA Approved


Konig Box - Perfect For


Konig Box - Perfect For


Konig Box - Perfect For

Watch Storage

Max Security

Because of the built-in accelerometer, you can arm your Home each time you close the lid and an audible Piezo alarm will sound if tampered with.

Great for keeping curious little hands away.

Accessory Charging
USBs & lEDs

With 2 USB output ports, you can charge your phone, tablet, or any other device straight from your Konig.

With an automatic interior LED light, you'll be able to see exactly what you're grabbing for.

Smooth & Sturdy

Konig Home is equipped with robust hydraulic opening. The smooth sound, the unmatched speed, and the sleek look all play a part to turn opening your safe from a task into an experience.


Unparalleled Strength

The Konig Home’s body is nearly impenetrable.
The die-cast high strength aluminum provides a casing that has extreme tool-attack resistance.


Like most electronics, the battery life depends heavily on how much you use it.
If you're in and out of your Konig Home daily, it will last around 6 months.
If use is more sparse, the battery will last up to 18 months.

Side note, we recommend using the safe at least once a week, to keep the shocks and battery in good condition.

The Home can be securely mounted to any solid surface.
It also has a built-in slot where a Kensington Security Cable can be attached, which you can wrap around any secure object like a bed post.

Most handguns will fit within safe except for larger caliber pistols, "extra-large" handguns, or longer-barreled revolvers.

Uses for Konig Home

While an ideal location for your firearms, the Konig Home can also be used to store your cash, visas, watches, or medications, the Home offers stylish yet reliable storage solutions.

The Konig offers secure and sleek storage to keep your firearm and other belongings within reach, while remaining out of the wrong hands.

Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage is obviously a primary use for many compact safes such as the Konig Home
The bonus is that Konig is both secure and portable, so you can enjoy reliable storage at home or on the go. Since the Konig has a tamper alarm and anchor points, it can conveniently be affixed to a surface in your home or vehicle. 


An Everyday Carry Kit could include your daily essentials, such as your wallet, keys, and cell. If you want to get into the habit of safely storing these items when you come into the house or office every day, use a Konig Home. It can be inconspicuously bolted into a drawer at work so you can discreetly store your EDC valuables with convenience.

Luxury Watches

Watch Storage is important not just to protect items from theft, but from damage as well. The lined, illuminated interior of Konig safes allows you to safely store your luxury watches and see them at a glance when you open your safe. 


Jewelry Storage can be tricky; you want convenient access to valuable jewels while still keeping them secure when not in use. Konig Home offers a solution to these asks, all while looking sleek.


Medication Storage is important for any household, but especially for those with children. To keep prescriptions and over-the-counter medications out of reach of kids and pets, pop them into a Konig safe. It’ll not only keep medications secure but can support their intended shelf life better than storing meds in the bathroom cabinet, where heat and humidity can take a toll.


Electronics Storage is another excellent choice for the Konig Home safe. If you need to ensure screen-free meals or want to put teenagers’ devices away at bedtime, the Konig delivers. It’s big enough for a few cellphones, remotes, and controllers.